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How much will it cost me to calculate the project, will it not be too expensive?

Our prices for compute resources are one of the most attractive in the industry. We also offer a two-week trial for new registered users. Within two weeks you can consider your project on 2 compute nodes and 10 GB storage. More about our terms and conditions you can find in prices section.

Can I use the HPC Hub products on Windows, Linux, OS X?

Yes, you can. Detailed description can be found here.

Can other users access my data?

All users are securely isolated from each other (L2 network isolation), which excludes the possibility of access to the another’s data. However, if you wish, you can share your configured environment.

I’ve never used supercomputer calculations before. How do I get started?

All the information to get started you can find here. If you still have questions, please call this number +7-495-774-1937 or write to info@hpchub.ru. Our qualified specialists will answer your questions.

Can I run my application on your service?

Most Linux and Windows applications run without problems, but much depends on the application itself. Сontact our experts to receive the latest information on your case.