HPC HUB Online render farm

Try power and speed of network rendering!

Many companies working in the field of visualization and postproduction familiar with the situation when the work had to be completed yesterday, and all existing facilities are busy. Herewith it is not desirable to abandon the project which can bring money. And to undertake it means to tighten deadlines and incur reputational and financial losses.

In this situation the best solution is to rent capacities from the render farm. That will allow to reduce time for data processing and to meet the deadlines. The problem is that in this case you spend a considerable part of the project profit on the services of render farm. Herewith you can not always count on the desired result, because you get the file without the possibility to influence the process at the processing stage.

HPC HUB offers the optimal solution on renting of computing capacities for small and medium business.

Supported software

3d Max




Cinema 4D


Advantages of rendering with HPC Hub

Lowest prices on the market. All our capacities are located in Russia and are not tied to the dollar rate, that allows us to offer the most competitive prices for rendering.

Network rendering. Can be easily organized at the HPC HUB capacities, which greatly increases the speed of the input data processing.

Flexibility. Track and make changes at the data processing phase. This significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and cuts the working time losses.

Variable capacities. The ability to change the number of computational nodes depending on the urgency of the project.

24/7 technical support. Our specialists will not only help to resolve technical issues, but, if necessary, will take over part of the work.

Easy access. The access implementation and setting up the environment in just a few minutes.

Prices and Discounts

Price – $0.025 per Ghz-h

Render amount Discount Cost/GhzH Profit
$500 10% $0.0225 $50
$1000 20% $0.0200 $200
$3000 30% $0.0175 $900
$5000 40% $0.0150 $2000
$10000 50% $0.0125 $5000

We accept payments:

We will rebate to your account 5% of funds spent on rendering last month