Public HPC Cloud

In a competitive environment companies from a wide range of industries need high performance computing for a wide range of tasks. Wherein the high cost of creating and maintaining of the own computing cluster is a major financial barrier to using HPC.

Cloud service created by  HPC HUB – “Public HPC Cloud” solves this problem by providing computing resources on-demand and on flexible terms.

Cloud infrastructure architecture

Technical advantages of Public HPC Cloud

A large number of pre-configured virtual workspaces. Herewith Public HPC Cloud is focused on the placement of not only narrow tasks, but also of products with a wide range of consumers, such as: OpenFoam, MM5, QC, FireFly, ABINIT, OOF, Salome, ParaView.


Extremely easy scaling of tasks solved in Public HPC Cloud. Сhange of computing capacity on demand.

Each user group sees only their virtual cluster with a full set of required software and an opportunity of flexible configuration.


HPC on demand is computing resources reception in a few minutes on demand.

Why is it beneficial to work with HPC HUB?

Cheap debugging and scaling. Configure and test engineering software in Public HPC Cloud on small amount of compute resources, save a template and create its own supercomputer for your task from this template with any scaling.

Pay per use. We have no subscription fees or additional payments. You pay only for the used computing resources.

Our experts. You do not need to have special knowledge to use the HPC HUB services. We take the technical complexities on ourselves.