Private HPC Cloud

As a rule, presence of own computing capacities is conditioned by the constant stream of tasks requiring use of supercomputer and by high requirements for data security.

Private Cloud by HPC HUB allows you to build the local cloud computing capacity, which computing potential is significantly higher than that of individual cluster, on the existing equipment.

Benefits of using of the Private HPC Cloud

  • Improvement of computing security. HPC HUB provides the necessary degree of security in questions of access rights, isolation, backup, and protection from unwelcome intrusion.
  • Ease of distribution, scale, and management of computing capacities.
  • Raise in average capacity utilization by increasing the level of service.
  • Simplification of counting software usage: independent environments for different tasks within a single physical cluster.
  • Reduction of costs for non-core specialists. HPC HUB provides the subsequent technical support of implemented projects.

Stages of construction

  • 1. Audit

    Our experts conduct an audit of existing capacities in order to determine the computing potential of the cloud and existing vulnerabilities.

  • 2. Design

    Design and configuration of hardware infrastructure and installation of HPC HUB software on cloudization.

  • 3. Performance evaluation

    Evaluation of the change in the performance of cloud infrastructure and distributed storage.

  • 4. Technical support

    Technical support of the implemented project.

During the existence of the company we managed to gather an unique technical team. In this regard, installing and configuring of Private Cloud HPC is planned without significant impact on the client’s work processes.