Public HPC Cloud

Master node

  • The administrative vSC node
  • Is included in any vSC configuration
  • Specifications: 2 cores, 2GB RAM

Compute node

  • Hardware specifications:
    2×10 cores Xeon E5-2680v2, 64GB RAM, IB FDR, 1GbE

Shared storage

  • Shared disk between compute nodes (GFS2)
  • Is ordered separately
  • Access without vSC is carried out through the service node

Service node

  • Intended for the initial vSC-free data upload
  • Specifications: 2 cores, 2GB RAM

* Spot compute resources can be removed at any time.
The client receives a warning about removing for 12 hours.

Private HPC Cloud

Prices for the Private HPC Cloud depend on the scale of task and are calculated by our specialists individually for each project