Huge computing powers usage has become the standard for industrial enterprises in today’s competitive world. Leading companies use supercomputers (HPC) in calculations, for building of models and even when developing the design.

Also, HPC usage in industry helps to achieve significant reduction of time needed to develop a new product and saves money by reducing the number of field tests.

With the undisputed benefits of HPC for industry, maintenance of a supercomputing infrastructure requires  high investments for highly qualified human resource and the equipment purchase. Taking into account the average HPC lifetime, use of large computing resources becomes not cost-effective for most companies after only 3-4 years.

HPC Hub removes the described barriers and makes computing resources accessible. We provide an access to a customized virtual environment from any location and for the tasks of any scale.

Benefits of HPC HUB solutions usage for the industrial enterprises

  • There is no need to buy own computing capacities and to employ IT-specialist
  • Access to almost unlimited computing resources for any task
  • There is no rental fee or other hidden charges, you pay only for used computing powers
  • High security and fault-tolerance of the cloud environment
  • Possibility of flexible configuration of the computing environment for repetitive tasks
  • Our technical support solves 90% of all emerging challenges within the hour