Computational biology

Current researches in the field of computational biology imply the analysis of large information arrays.

HPC HUB offers a rent of a customized computing environment for the analysis of molecular components. You get a set of pre-configured machines that unfold automatically on demand. Great opportunities of configuration and adaption of computing environments enable flexible and efficient approach to the problem solution.

vSC with pre-installed software
Ordering vSC from HPC HUB, you receive a free pre-installed software. Thus you may not spend your time on setting up the environment and immediately transgress to the project implementation

Bioinformatics pipeline with an open source to microbiologi analysis.

De novo transcriptome from the RNA-chain data reconstruction method.

«Knomics» pipeline for the metagalaxy analysis

Share the results of your experiments with colleagues

Using the HPC HUB cloud service you can easily share the results of experiments by providing an access to your configured environment. This will allow your colleagues to verify your results and, if desired, to repeat the experiment. Along with that you make available only the data you want to be published, keeping all the required information confidential.

Offer your solutions to the customers from all over the world

By becoming our partner, you get the opportunity to commercialise your software through our platform. When ordering vSC, specialists from around the world will be offered a template of your surroundings. And with each order you will get deductions.

To get the customized environment – easy!

  • Press the «get started» button

  • Register

  • Download the SSH key

  • Order the vSC

  • Get the result